It is the summer’s great last heat,
  It is the fall’s first chill:  They meet.
         – Sarah Morgan Bryan Platt

“The word equinox comes from the Latin words for ‘equal night.’ The fall and spring equinoxes are the only days of the year in which the Sun crosses the celestial equator.  From here on out, the temperatures begin to drop and the days start to get shorter than the nights.” – Old Farmer’s Almanac


We shall celebrate the autumnal equinox by lighting a candle to bring light into the coming darkness and to honor the light.  Then we will open a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah Texas from GrapeCreek Vineyards.  We will not feel the chill of autumn in South Texas for some time, but we have had glorious rain lately that has cooled down the summer heat.  It is a hint of fall.


My beautiful picture

Franciscan Estate Winery, Napa Valley California 2012

37 thoughts on “AUTUMNAL EQUINOX

  1. We have cooled down in the northeast. The nights start earlier and the day later. Some of the earliest shrubs show signs of turning color but midday is still very pleasant. If it wasn’t that this is a sure sign of winter coming, I would love fall more.


  2. Happy Equinox to you, as well. Autumn really hasn’t settled in too deeply yet this year here in Upper Michigan. Which is odd, because usually our trees are red and yellow and orange by now. Fall is coming soon though. You can feel it. Today it’s just in the 50’s.


    • Then you must have a glorious fall! Here on the coast we don’t have the changing of leaves. My live oaks just drop their leaves in the spring. Yesterday it was 73 degrees and we thought that was cool! Fifty would be winter for us. Maybe you will share your fall through pictures.


  3. Can we enjoy autumn on our side of the pond? We’ve had a lovely sunny day today. I went to support a friend who has an exhibition opening and at one point mid-afternoon I thought everyone had disappeared, but in fact they were all outside in the gardens enjoying perhaps the last warm rays of the year.


  4. Love, love, loving this cooler weather! I’ve had the window opened all day, allowing the breeze to filter through and ruffle the curtains. The Hubs and I are off to the grocery store to purchase all the fixins for stew!

    Happy fall, Jo Nell!


  5. I woke up to 59 degrees outside San Antonio this morninng, a mist in betwixt the trees…deer wandering as well as the geese and so many Cardinals this morning…the first time in many years I felt Autumn on the equinox…I lit my candel and walked out through the gardens barefoot….
    I had a cup of Yorkshire tea a friend gave me as a going away gift to remember him by…
    I thought of England this morning….
    Hope your day was wonderful all through and through….
    Take Care…You Matter…
    Blessed Be


    • Now 59 is cold! Yes, it is not usually this cool this early and it will be back in the 90s today but it was cool for my morning run. How lovely to see deer, geese and cardinals and enjoy gardens barefoot! It would be nice to be in England but Texas will have to do for now. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts. May you find joy in every day.


  6. I love the changing seasons, but I think Fall may be my favorite. (I’m always ready for the cooler weather). I love that you “honor the light.”


  7. I am never ready for the cooler weather or the rain. Living her in North Texas, there is also the terrible fear of potential snow (bah). But you have introduced a new Texas vineyard, I will have to go look for it.

    Happy equinox.


  8. We had a taste of fall earlier in September, but things have warmed up nicely in recent days–and the temperature might reach 80 this week. The longer it stays balmy, the less we have to think about winter. (I remember being in the Houston area once in late March, and noticed that the leaves were green, unlike the NYC area where everything was bare.) Thank you for visiting and liking my blog.


    • Houston has enough pine trees and evergreens to keep it fairly green. Live oaks shed leaves in the spring then promptly puts out new ones. And of course Houston has more rain to keep it green. I lived there years ago. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog. Thanks for the return visit. Enjoy your mild weather!


  9. September and October are our warmest months here in the SF bay area, but still, some leaves have turned orange (and will stay that way for 2 months!), fall flowers are blossoming, and the air is so clear and crisp I can almost touch the city highrises from my view across the bay. Enjoy your Texas fall, and your Texas cab! 🙂


    • Husband and I were in San Francisco area last fall and the weather was beautiful – a perfect time to visit. Lucky you to live there! When our weather is really good here I laugh and call it California weather which calls for California wine! I am always ready to go back to California. Thanks for the visit and comment!


  10. Autumn has really now set in here in Britain, and the chill high winds have brought in driving rain….. Just where did September go, and how fast is October now flying! …
    But I do enjoy the Autumn colours and bountiful harvests nature provides…
    Blessings sent your way


  11. As the trees in Brooklyn are now showing their true colors, and the nights are waxing chilly, we know that fall is here in all its splendor. This lovely time is definitely more than a bridge between two seasons, a time when summer fades into winter. Thank you for once again liking my blog.


  12. Hi, Jo Nell. I’ve had a sense of fall this year that I don’t usually notice. I love the fat pumpkin in your photo. He’s “melting” into himself. I like your header photo too. I didn’t know about the Equinox candle thing. I always learn something new when I come here. Thanks!


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