Art at the Art Center of Corpus Christi

"Devary and Charley" - H. W.Tatum

“Devary and Charley” – H. W. Tatum

Last week I took this photo with my cell phone as I was leaving the Art Center of Corpus Christi through the courtyard.  Daughter and I had just had lunch at the Citrus Bayfront Bistro located inside.

The piece, by local sculptor H. W. Tatum,
was commissioned and donated to the Art Center of Corpus Christi 
by the Durril family
in memory of their daughter, Devary, 
who was killed in an auto accident in 1978.

22 thoughts on “Art at the Art Center of Corpus Christi

    • The Art Center of Corpus Christi is located downtown on Shoreline near the t-heads. The Citrus Bayfront Bistro is a casual spot for lunch with a great view. We even have the Art Museum of South Texas; inside is another good spot for lunch, Hester’s. I hope you enjoy your trip whether for business or pleasure! (I live across the Harbor Bridge in Portland.)


  1. A sweet sculpture for such a sad life event. I need to drive down to Corpus Christi again one day. I haven’t been there for years. I’ll let you know when I come. Maybe we could meet for lunch?


    • Yes, you should check out Corpus Christi again! It is still a small town in many ways but there have been changes over the years. Recently the Harbor Bridge is lighted at night with colored pulsating lights that looks like something out of Disneyland! I hope all is well with you. Have a good weekend!


  2. I had to pull up a Google map to see where the Art Institute was. If you drive down South Shoreline Boulevard and Ocean Drive for many miles, at one point almost every home on those two streets had roofs that had been installed by Russel Ray and his crew of motley South Texas roofers. I got started there with two of my uncles after Hurrican Beulah pretty well destroyed Corpus Christ in September 1967.


    • Small world, isn’t it? You got started right as the homes on Shoreline/Ocean Drive are some of the most expensive. I wasn’t living here in ’67 when Beulah hit but lived near when Celia hit in ’70. We have been lucky the last few years. The Art Center is right there by the t-heads.

      Thanks for sharing your connection to CC! You must have done well.


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