Photographing the Photographer

Husband sometimes gets left out of family photos because he is always behind the camera – we can count on him to capture the memories.  For that group shot I insist on when all my chicks are together or I want one of the two of us for something special, he will set up the camera on a tripod, click the timer and run over to be included in the photograph.

On a recent trip to California he enjoyed photographing new sights and documenting our trip.  As we drove along scenic routes he would often pull over and click away.  Convincing myself that I would take photos to proudly display on my blog in response to a Weekly Photo Challenge from Word Press or to illustrate a thought or poem,  I had taken along a simple camera of my own.

In the spirit of things I did take a few snapshots, but it became more fun for me to stand back and enjoy the moment as Husband did all the work.  I did capture him a couple of times with his camera in hand.

Along Highway 1 late in the afternoon

Framing his shot

I enjoy the photos that other bloggers post in response to Weekly Photo Challenge, but I will not be participating.  Personal photo challenges are enough for me!

25 thoughts on “Photographing the Photographer

  1. Oh my. I can hardly look at these pics without tearing up. We lived 3 wonderful yrs right off the PCH at Pt. Mugu and it was the best time in my life. Thx for sharing the wonderful pics and memories too.


  2. Jo Nell! What wonderful photos. The silhouette of husband is really very good! And I love the “framing the shot” one too. The color and composition of both are good. The clarity is wonderful and in low light too! Do get out that camera more! These are as good as anybody’s! I’m just delighted to see them. Bravo!


    • Thank you, George! A compliment from you is special! I think I can see creatively but can’t or don’t have the courage to try to capture my vision. Maybe I will just take off one day and see what I can do. CC has several pieces of art on Shoreline that I would like to photograph. Portland has no public art! Thanks for the encouragement.


    • Oh, I like that description – Candid Camera! It was a simple post about moments captured spontaneously. .

      Thank you so much for the nomination and kinds words! Recognition from you is special. I enjoy following yours and appreciate your sense of humor and reality. I will check out the awards post and other nominees.


  3. I liked your pictures, too! The one of him standing in silhouette with the ocean in the back ground is great…the sky and the ocean blend together – almost the same color…very nice CostalCrone!


  4. I wish I could protest modesty toward being captured on camera or film, but the truth is I am a glutton for center-stage, have been since I was old enough to aim my face toward the camera. 😉 My husband on the other hand, such as your Husband, would ALWAYS prefer to be the one taking the picture. The silhouette is gorgeous, Jonel!

    ~ Cara


    • You have a lovely face that anyone would want to photograph! I am sure your husband loves having you center-stage. Thanks for the comment of the silhouette – I like the moment I captured. You are kind!


      • Aw, well, you are too sweet . . .
        The introvert he is, yes, I suspect he loves having me at center-stage; that way he can just blend in to the wallpaper and no one will notice. LOL.

        Jonel, are you on Facebook?


  5. I must say, love the first shot tremendously. I think I am like your husband, the camera is always in my hands. I look over thirty years of pictures and there are few that I am in. My children in particular are now complaining of this oversight on my part.


    • Thank you! It was fun capturing him as he came back to the car – he did get some great shots. We appreciate those who take the pictures for us but you should not leave yourself out! Thanks for the visit.


  6. What an absolutely wonderful post Jo Nell. And knowing the beautiful reason behind why you made those images makes them even more powerful and touching to me. That first image, “Along Highway 1″ is so moving and completely stopped me in my tracks, not just for the scene you captured but the lovely feelings it conveys as well and reminds me of this quote”

    “A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense.” ~Ansel Adams

    Thank you for the past year of such great posts and my best wishes to you and your family for a happy and healthy new year. Rick


    • It is truly an honor to receive a compliment from you! Thank you! The quote from Ansel Adams is very appropriate. Thank you for your kind comments and support of my simple blog. I look forward to visiting your blog in 2013.


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