The week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day I always start thinking, I wonder what the new year will bring and what will I be doing this time next year?   The year never turns out just the way I think it will.  Sometimes I can declare with pride that it was a VERY good year.  But I confess that I have been glad to see some lean years end so I could start a new one with hope for better times. 
Yet I really wouldn’t want to see into the future.  I look upon my life as a book;  so I’ll keep reading and turning the pages until the end.  May you have peace, love and joy in the 2012 Leap Year!  Thanks for visiting my blog!



Christmas Album

These pages present us
As seen by mortal eye and
Orb of camera
1964 to 1999.
Not every holiday was recorded.
Were we too busy, happy, sad or lonely to
stop and preserve the moment those years?
Or only separated by miles and emotions?
Birth and marriage added new faces.
Death, divorce and distance took others away.
Between the Christmas seasons
We have lived, loved, changed, grown up,
Moved away, moved back,
Grown older…
But always we found our way back to December.