Run for your life!

By this time next year the final avalanche of red, white and blue balloons and confetti will have fallen in Charlotte, NorthCarolina and in Tampa, Florida.  The delegates from every state will cheer wildly as the candidates embrace and raise their joined hands high as their proud families gather around them on the stage.  We will all have watched it on television.  The candidates will then be off and running for president and vice-president of the United States.I have been running for years…not for any office but for my well-being and sanity.  Granted I don’t run as fast as I used to, and some days it is more of a fast jog that a run.  Running is a mostly a solitary form of exercise and that suits me.  I put on my old-fashioned Sony headphones with the antenna and take off toward the bay or the park.  Depending on my mood, I listen to either classical via  National Public Radio or a local country and western radio station.  On good days I make it to the public library and back.  Running releases tension and sometimes even inspires my creative side with a new idea or solution.  It is not for everyone.   If I don’t run fairly regularly, at least three  times a week, I become a rather cranky crone.  I know that someday I will have to slow down to a walk, but in the meantime I will keep moving.

Run for your life!  Election 2012 is coming and the campaigns and debates have just started.   See you at the voting booth!

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