Crude Oil vs. Olive Oil

Texas Olive Ranch

Texas is better known for its crude oil than for its olive oil, but a small olive industry is growing in South Texas.   Recently on the local PBS station, KEDT-TV, a documentary was aired as part of its annual fund-raiser.  It was called “Texas Olive Trails.”  Check out this website to view a trailer.

Here is a quote from the site:

Sun, stone, drought, silence and solitude: these are the five ingredients that, according to Italian folk traditions, create the ideal habitat for the Olive Tree.”

The area is also on the same geographical parallel as the Mediterranean.  A large aquifer is found beneath the area stretching for many miles.  OK…maybe it doesn’t look quite like Tuscany.

The olives will be harvested in September.  I have not tried any before, but I intend to check out the 2011 Texas Olive Ranch products when they are available in my local grocery store – perhaps the Rattlesnake Pepper & Chipotle,  Mesquite or Sweet Basil.  For now check them out on their website .  They all appear to be extra virgin – always better.

In January I bought oil from a friend who has an olive farm in Tuscany and will post something about that later.  Hint:  it was excellent!

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