Lumus Redux

Lumus Redux

After walking down Bourbon Street in the French Quarter at night with a drink in your hand, the buildings could start to look like this.  I love New Orleans – the old building are works of art themselves with a colorful mixture of French and Spanish architecture.  History beckons and whispers from every corner –  Old Absinthe House, LaFitte’s Blacksmith Shop,  St. Louis Cathedral , Preservation Hall, Louis Armstrong  and voodoo queens.  
James Michalopoulos captures much of the city’s soul with his slightly abstract works of art.  He lives in New Orleans part of the year and maintains a gallery at 617 Bienville.   Kevin Allman writes of his architecture, “They slope, soar and sway. Some of them rear back on their foundations, or lurch drunkenly over cracked sidewalks; others dip their balconies over the street curiously.   His representations seem to have a life of their own.” 
I visited his gallery and purchased this poster,  Lumus Redux, several years ago. 
I haven’t been back to New Orleans since I spent Christmas there in 2003, but I plan to go back in November.  A visit to his gallery will be essential…I need some  art.

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