MONDAY MADNESS: Wake up! It’s Monday!


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Suggested so far via comments:

“Loving life!” Eric Tonningsen

“Elegantly simply sleeping platforms. I do adore them. The waterbeds were fine, but darling they were so ‘last year.'”Belocchio

“Just for once, I would like to see you get the  gazelle in the morning.”John W. Howell

“Why does SHE always get the top bunk?” – crowingcrone

Can you keep it down to a dull roar please, we’re TRYING to sleep…” clinock

“Wake me when its over!” oilpastelsbymary

“She always gets the best spot!”Andrea Stephenson

“Sweet dreams!”Virginia Views

“Superbowl and Marti Gras in the same week is just too much!” – philosophermouseofthehedge”

You just HAD to complain about the thread count on the sheets at the hotel, didn’t you?”WriterinSoul

“Wake not a sleeping lion – which apparently means (Don’t ask for trouble.  It’s safer to leave things as they are) – Chez Shea

Simple post on a sick day…

I don’t like to run out of things.  It’s not as if I live forty miles from the nearest mercantile store and only come into town for supplies once a month in a buckboard.  I live in a  small town (population approximately 17,000 ) with a very adequate grocery store and even a Wal-Mart if I get desperate.  A Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods Market would be nice, but that’s not going to happen here!  I just don’t want to run out of toilet paper, cat food, laundry detergent, coffee, olive oil, chardonnay, bread flour, etc. and have to run to the store for one item.  That’s why I keep a list on my refrigerator so I can add things as I need them and so I won’t forget!

What did I run out of?  A completed post for my blog.  I usually have one or two ready and several drafts in process, but mid-week I came down with something that has me congested and cranky.  Maybe it was caused by all the tassels falling from the live oaks or something else blowing in as spring comes early.  I only post once a week, but I couldn’t seem to get a draft completed.

So I have provided a link to a video that I received via e-mail a couple of weeks ago that I thought was worth sharing.  I love cats!  Enjoy!  I think I will have a sip of Wild Turkey American Honey – exceptionally smooth liqueur blended with pure honey and bourbon whisky – for medicinal purposes only instead of cough medicine.

Here’s another link for more great cats.