On one of my walks this week I had to stop and see who was driving this car parked in front of a house.  No, it was not the cat and the car was not running.  The window was rolled down.  The cat turned to look at me and seemed to pose as I took my phone from my pocket to take this photo.  It just calmly looked at me as I continued on my way.   When I came back that way it was gone – the cat, not the car.

Cool cat!  I wonder where he wanted to go?


38 thoughts on “FRIDAY FOTO: CAT IN A CAR

    • “Now where did Dad put the car keys?” – the perfect caption! I think he was a male too Perhaps all he needed was his imagination to take to the open road and adventures.

      Take care, Virginia! All ok here so far. No road trips for us but I can get out for adventuresome walks. In Texas retail stores can open up tomorrow with curbside purchases only as granted by the governor. I’ll do any shopping online but I don’t need much. Hugs and love!


      • For some reason most ginger cats are male. At least almost all the ones I’ve met. Of course some one who talks to rabbits obviously introduces herself to cats. Dearest Jo Nell, we had a lovely road trip planned for the first of May. We had planned to drive to Northern Saskatchewan and my home town of Prince Albert. My older sister 90 and my younger is 80, we are concerned for them both. We continue to stay close to the farm. I don’t leave at all, and Lar continues to limit his trips to town for groceries and wine. Itg is such a change for us as we used to shop almost every day (in the European manner) for fresh produce and so on. Very little is open and every beach, public park, playground is locked up tight. We see no major change until perhaps July. Our friends stop by occasionally and we chat two hockey sticks away from each other. It is not enough, but the alternative is far worse, so we just sock it up. Take care. Stay safe. Love and enormous hugs back to you.

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    • I thought he was adorable. I’m a cat person too but our last one died about two years ago but I still love seeing them. I almost wanted to take this one home with me because he looked like one I used to have. Thanks for taking time to comment. Stay well. It seems our state is slowing opening up. Beaches are now open.

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    • That’s for sure! I haven’t been in a car for at least 2-3 weeks as Husband has been going to buy groceries and wine for us. Maybe we will just go for a ride – anywhere! Beaches have opened up in Texas – at least here. And I hear some in California have also. Take care!


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