Fascism, a Warning,  Madeleine Albright
A Restless Wave, John McCain
Under the Volcano, Malcolm Lowry
A Higher Loyalty, James Comey

The Contract, John W. Howell & Gwen M. Plano
Plover Landing, Marie Zhuikov
Dancing with the Sandman, L.T. Garvin
A Cry From the Deep, Diana Stevan
Wish You Were Here, Adventures in Cemetery Travel, Loren Rhoads


From Wikipedia

From wikipedia

About a week after the city of Portland announced Stage I of water restrictions based on the lake levels and where we get our water from, our rain gauge measured almost eleven inches in two days.  We did not get that much rain from Hurricane Harvey!  Perhaps we toasted Chac, the Rain God, one too many times.  My rain barrels and jugs are full but the effects of the rain won’t last long with the summer heat.

Husband ordered a portable solar generator, Goal Zero, and a couple of solar lights.  The generator will power a few things to keep us going  and it is not noisy like a gas generator.  We may have not another hurricane for several years, but we are prepared this time and it will help if we lose power in an electrical storm also.

“Courtesy is contagious.”  That statement (in red letters) was taped inside a cabinet door in our kitchen by my father as I was growing up.  Whether it was meant for his three daughters or my mother, I never knew nor questioned it.  Today it seems that discourtesy has become an epidemic in the United States.  It appears to have its source at the top with a president that began setting the tone as he campaigned.  Winning the highest office in the land did not change that attitude.

Surely we can disagree  strongly, passionately, loudly and truthfully; protest and speak out, yet
display respect and civility!


Let us be thankful this Independence Day 2018 for all that we have as Americans.  May we never take for granted the freedoms and rights that we have.

40 thoughts on “BOOKS AND BIBELOTS

  1. Good post JoNell and Courtesy is Contagious is a great motto. It’s a shame your President and his cohorts didn’t have a father like yours. That’s a good list of books to be read and the authors you have met through their blogs look an interesting group. I’ll go over to those blogs soon.

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    • I had to really restrain myself when writing about civility – most of the time the president goes beyond discourteous! I hope you do at least visit some of the blogs. Lately I have been doing more reading than writing.


  2. Great list of books and some interesting blogs you listed! I am out of the country and will be for the 4th of July. I will miss the fireworks and the neighborhood bbq, but I’m feeling a little less inclined to celebrate lately. I hope that civility, compassion, and courtesy will once again become something we practice regularly in the US again… soon.

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  3. “Surely we can disagree strongly, passionately, loudly and truthfully; protest and speak out, yet
    display respect and civility!” Well said!
    And “Courtesy is contagious” – how wise your dad was!
    I have not heard of a solar-powered generator, but I’ll be on the lookout. Generators aren’t a luxury any more, what with the vicissitudes of climate change.

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    • Thank you so much, Cynthia! I had to choose my words carefully – ha! My father was always a gentleman cowboy but you did not want to mess with him! I had not heard of portable solar generators until Husband started researching generators. We did not like the idea of a gasoline powered one and having to store so much gasoline in the garage. This one will power a refrigerator and small appliances plus phones and other electronic devices. Husband has had fun learning how to use it and experimenting with it. One never knows about the weather or other possible disruptions in power.

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  4. I’ve learned a new word — bibelot! And I was interested to read about that solar generator. It’s too much for my budget, but I’m glad to know such things are being developed. Home owners can have whole-house generators, but apartment dwellers and those who prefer not to go the whole-house route might find it a good alternative.

    When I think of the ways my family and I have dealt with power outages over the past seventy years, it’s amazing how little some things change. Last winter, a friend in the hill country ended up heating the house and doing the cooking with her fireplace. From blizzards to hurricanes to ice storms to drunk drivers who take out transformer poles — you just never know.

    Last week, I woke at 5 a.m. to find no water pressure. Eventually we learned that a driver had taken out a hydrant and created a fountain where it once stood, but in the meantime, I was quite happy to pull out a gallon of water from my hurricane stash for washing and coffee-making.

    As for courtesy, it certainly is contagious, just like a smile. I’ve been making a practice of holding the door for people at the post office or grocery store, and letting people into traffic ahead of me. More than once, I’ve had the chance to watch a person do the same for another: precisely the effect you’re talking about. I love an expression I learned in rural Texas: “Now, don’t be ugly, y’hear?”

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    • The whole house back-up generator is out of our budget but we are hoping this one will work for us as it will power a refrigerator, a few appliances, cell phones and electronic devices. The gas generators can be noisy and we did not want to have to store large amounts of gas in the garage. Husband enjoyed checking out how to use the solar panels and check amp output for different things. Yes, so many things can take out power and water!

      Isn’t it amazing what a little act can do? Smiling or opening a door and passing it on! We can’t change the world but we can have at least a small affect where we are. I have not heard that comment about not being ugly in years but I heard it many times growing up! Perhaps someone should say that to President Trump.

      I think I was exposed to “bibelot” in some Victorian novel. Can’t remember but thought it went well with books. Stay sane, cool and safe this summer!

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  5. Books , oh so wonderful. Your list, most welcome, dear Jo Nell. I appreciated your story about your admirable father and his COURTESY IS CONTAGIOUS. There are those who make fun of how courteous we Canadians are. I have observed since your present president came into power we have become even more courteous. It is a positive and kind reaction. Cheers Virginina

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    • We Southerners have been accused in the past of being too polite. One need not apologize for good manners! My father was a rather rough gentlemen but he had standards. It seems I have been reading non-fiction political books but my fiction books take me away from it all into any world that I choose. Do not give up on us, my Canadian friend, as many of us are determined not to go to the dark side! Cheers indeed!


    • The Comey book is in my finished stack. I enjoyed it very much and felt that he wrote in a straight forward and honest manner. There was a bit about his growing up and early youth but mainly focused on his career and provided insight on his work in the FBI. It seemed to provide a look behind the scenes and headlines. And just the facts without bashing anyone.

      I confess that I mainly watch CNN but try to read varied newspaper and magazine articles also. Sometimes I will watch Fox just to see how they are covering something in the news but I am often turned off by the attitude. It is sad indeed that we have become so disrespective! Thanks for taking time to visit and comment.


  6. A fascinating selection of book recommendations. Being in the UK, we can’t pass any judgement on respect in the states! We have more than enough problems to cope with here where politicians and parties are tearing each other apart over Brexit.
    Wouldn’t the world be great if we could agree to differ politely and then act for the common good?


    • Oh, I think the US is worse as in addition to the divisions we have a president who stirs the pot and insults our Allies. I do feel for you over Brexit issue! It would be wonderful if we could differ politely and act for the common good! We are all in this together! Cheers!

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