Usually I don’t participate in challenges but I thought this one was not too much of a commitment.  The rules were 150 words or less in any genre, show the photo below, show my STAR for meeting the challenge and link back to A Frank Angle’s post and his story.


     The jogger was back on the beach…the one with the black wavy hair and black shorts; torso legs and arms brown with perspiration even at seven o’clock in the morning.  He reminded the old lady of someone but she couldn’t remember his name or what had been their relationship, whether lover, friend or only a strangerThe young jogger never knew that he was faithfully watched from four floors up by a woman who thought she knew him or had known someone in her past who looked like him.

Today he was barefooted and walked slowly with a piece of driftwood to steady himself.  The old lady resisted a strong desire to wave to him as she sipped her morning coffee.

Here is the link to AFrankAngle.




    • Yours is the firs challenge I have taken. It was hard for me to put together a short, short story that had an ending so I just left it as it was. Perhaps I will work on it. Thanks for sponsoring a challenge and sharing your fiction.

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      • Thanks again for participating. Yes, doing this on a regular basis would be work for those of us who aren’t fiction oriented. But I know bloggers who do it every Friday as part of a group.

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  1. Ohhh, this was lovely! You left us with a hook, and many questions unanswered. But perhaps each of your readers must decide on the answer her/himself. One of the other story writers suggested time travel in his piece, and that’s a possibility with yours, too. I hope she hobbles down and introduces herself. 🙂


  2. It is an excellent story; Jo …. Undoubtedly the feeling of the woman feels like a sort of deja vu. I wonder If they have met in a past life… and if so, under which circumstamces (?)…. Love this one…. Have a great day 😉

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  3. Ohhhh I like your take on the challenge, Jo! I participated too… it was such a fun prompt from Frank 🙂 I hope the woman watching from above gets to meet him in person one day ~ It could be true love ahead for those two!!

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    • It did take a bit of courage to put it out there! Actually, I think this was the first challenge for me. The best thing was that I got to visit other blogs that participated and made new friends. Thanks for taking time to read my humble submission!

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  4. Brilliant Jo.. It had the makings of a whole chapter .. as I wanted the story to continue, as she over came her fear and did wave to him.. 😀 lol..
    Hope you are well my friend.. Sending Love and Hugs your way xx Sue ❤

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  5. Excellent flash fiction, Jo! I was definitely hooked, and now I’m left wondering what the connection is. It could definitely be a time travel piece, or is he the grandson of her former lover? Oh wow, very cool indeed. I think you should take up the pen and turn it into a longer story!

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