CCC bridge

Photo from Corpus Christi Caller-Times newspaper

“Here we go!  We can do this,”  I declared confidently.

I  took the lead as Daughter and I started up the narrow path that would take us over the Port of Corpus Christi Ship Channel on the Harbor Bridge.  We had decided it would be fun and  challenge our slight feat of heights to join the monthly Bridgewalk.  The route starts at Heritage Park in Corpus Christi, goes over the bridge to North Beach and back to Heritage Park.  Driving over it was nothing new as we both live in Portland and must drive over it to get to Corpus Christi.  What a fun way to spend Mother’s Day morning – a three-mile walk together!

There were walkers ahead of us and walkers behind us.  On the left was a concrete barrier and three lanes of traffic.  To the right was high open iron railing  and below  was the ship channel that widened out into the bay and eventually the Gulf of Mexico and far away ports of the world.   The sky was slightly overcast but we would have a great view at the top.  I had visions of mother/daughter selfies to post triumphantly!

2016 05 08 Mother's Day Harbor Birdge Walk (7)

What the walkway was like

As we walked (it seemed like climbing to me) higher and higher and the wind picked up, panic set in like a stone.  Could I really do this?  I reached for the rough and dirty concrete barrier and my hand hovered over it as I walked as if it would somehow ground me.  Don’t look down!  Don’t look down!  One foot in front of the other.  Don’t stumble!  Keep your eyes on the person in front of you!   The wind was stronger now.  Eighteen-wheelers whizzed by from behind as if inches away and seemed to make the bridge rattle.  Drivers of pick-up trucks sounded their horns as they passed in recognition of the walkers.  I somehow felt like a refugee fleeing the city in fear or part of some death march.  Was Daughter still behind me?  We were not talking and I was not looking back.

The path leveled out as we were beneath the overhead structure of the bridge which made me feel a little more secure, but I was not looking at the view and a selfie was out of the question.  No word from Daughter behind me.  I trudged on and gratefully started the descent  to North Beach.

2016 05 08 Mother's Day Harbor Birdge Walk (4)

Daughter getting ready to go back over the bridge

At the bottom Daughter was right behind me as we stopped for a sip of water provided by the organizers.  Then under the bridge and back to the other side for the return trip.  We could do this!  We did it once we could do it again!  It was a bit easier going back but I continued to let my left hand hover over the concrete barrier and look straight ahead.  On this side of the bridge were Whataburger Field, Hurricane Alley,  ships docked for loading and unloading and the refineries in the distance further up the ship channel.

As soon as we reached solid ground again we hugged with cries of, “We did it!”

2016 05 08 Mother's Day Harbor Birdge Walk (9)

We did it!

Husband was waiting to pick us up.  “I saw you and waved to you both ways,” he said, “but you never looked up.”

“No,” we confessed, “we could not look down!”  We could laugh at ourselves now.

2016 05 08 Mother's Day Harbor Birdge Walk (11)

Husband was there to pick us up.

Harbor Bridge  will be replaced in five years so we wanted to walk it now.  The new one  will allow for larger and taller ships.  Ground will be broken this soon for the new one.  It will be my third bridge.  As a child I remember driving with my parents over the drawbridge, Corpus Christi Bascule, on our way to North Beach.    I hope to see my third bridge and may want to walk over it and will certainly drive over it.  Cheers!

Bascule bridge 2051

The old Bascule Bridge that I remember. Vintage Postcard from my collection

Bascule Bridge raised to allow ship to pass. New Harbor Bridge towers above it.

Bascule Bridge raised to allow ship to pass. New Harbor Bridge towers above it. The drawbridge was later torn down. From my postcard collection.

Design for the new Harbor Bridge

A conceptual image of the new harbor bridge as seen from Whataburger Field.

64 thoughts on “BRIDGEWALK: DON’T LOOK DOWN!

  1. What a cool idea for Mother’s Day! (and variation during fog or night…even spookier) What a wonder it must have been
    Love the pictures. I remember the old drawbridge. The new ones are artistic and engineering wonders, but I love the old ones going up and down…traffic didn’t, though.
    The RR drawbridge by I45 entrance to Galveston Island has been replaced with a lift one that goes up horizontally. That old machinery/drawbridge more intriguing.
    That new design is similar to one over the ship channel here. Wish we could walk some of these giants but security gets nervous even if you slow down these days.
    Great post!

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I should have mentioned that some ran instead of walked and started ahead of the walkers. At night the bridge is lighted with multi-colored lights. Yes, the old drawbridge held up the traffic. I have not been to Galveston in years and need to get up there one of these days. The new bridge is supposed to have a wider walkway and a place to stop and take in the view without blocking the walkway. People need to get from CC to North Beach and many walk it now.

      There is no problem walking over it and taking photos but if you drive around the port and try to take photos, you will likely be stopped.

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  2. I don’t mind bridges but appreciate the challenge for those who have a slight fear of heights. My husband is one of them. What a nice thing to do with your daughter.

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    • It was something fun and different for Mother’s Day, Diana. Driving over bridges does not bother me but the walk was different. We bonded in a new way! Thank you so much for stopping by to share your thoughts.


  3. Love this. I am so proud of ya’ll for making the trek across. I could not have done it, the height would not have bothered me but the traffic that close would have. Love the pictures. hugs my cousin.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, thanks Anita! It was a challenge but I could not look down and had to have my hand on the concrete barrier. My hand was black with dirt and grime by the end. The traffic was not as bad as the height. Thanks for stopping by, dear Cousin Anita! Hugs to you also!


    • Bridges do have a character of their own. Glad that the post brought good memories for you. The design for the new one does look quite sleek and as you said elegant and as if it belongs in the future. I hope I am around to see it. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts! Always a pleasure to have you!

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  4. What a magnificent bridge.. WELL done to you too… The older I get the more and more I get dizzy with heights yet I never used to be like it.. Wonderful photo’s and lovely to see your daughter and hubby..
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.. Love and warm hugs Sue xxx

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    • Oh, Tin Man, I felt like the Cowardly Lion! I almost wanted to turn back but there were too many people behind me. But it was fun when it was all over. Husband had walked it years ago alone and took great photos from the top so he declined to go with us. I think he thought he would have to come get us at North Beach. I hope all is well with you these days! Cheers and hugs! Chac has been active, hasn’t he?

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    • Well, enjoy it! My rain barrels and buckets are overflowing. As I recall from photos of your home, you are on a hill so you should be safe in the Emerald City. We are on a bluff so we don’t have to worry about flooding but some areas have had some. Fresh springs – sounds joyous!

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  5. You are so brave … and I bet it was exciting and quite frightening at the same time… and when these two elements come together, well… It could be a total triumph or an unavoidable failure… Well done… o_O I love the photographs, an enjoyable chronicle… Sending best wishes for your weekend and beyond it… Aquileana 😉

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    • We thought we were on a great adventure but one that was quite safe but we did not know what to expect. It was fun to put the post together and look back and chronicle it as you said. It is always a pleasure to have you visit! Warm regards to you!

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    • Oh, thank you so much! That was exactly what I was trying to achieve. I did not want it to be just a boring retelling and also wanted to make fun of myself while being entertaining. You made my day!!!! Thanks for stopping by! Cheers to you!

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  6. How brave you both were! I am subject to occasional panic attacks which can be described as standing at some great height looking down… that feeling you get that is impossible to describe. So your bridge walk would have done me in.

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    • I almost panicked as we got higher and higher but turning back was not an option. At least the bridge was firm. I don’t even like Ferris wheels because I feel so insecure. Thanks for chiming in to share your thoughts, Dor!

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  7. Excellent story. I like to walk to the bridge from the Kentucky side to the Ohio side when we see a Reds game. I swear that gets longer every time I do it, though. Keep it up.



    • Thank you so much, Tim! On the south/west side of the bridge is Whataburger Field, a branch(farm club?) of the Houston Astros where the Corpus Christi Hooks play. I may walk this again. You keep it up on the Kentucky side. Thank you so much for sharing!


    • I did not know if I could do it either but I wanted to try. It was a little, to me, since we had a very narrow path with a concrete barrier on one side and a higher guard rail on the outside. If someone wanted to pass me, I had to lean to the concrete barrier to let them pass and there were a lot of us.

      You should check out Corpus Christi one of these days when you want to get away. There are many nice hotels downtown right on the bay. We could have coffee! Of course, CC is not exactly on the way to any where! Thanks for at least visiting my blog where you sometimes get a view of CC!

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  8. I always love mother/daughter stories. 🙂 Walking with a daughter over a bridge, supporting each other, laughing afterwards – nothing is better than that. Great photos. The future bridge looks a lot like the newest Boston bridge – called the Leonard Zakim Bridge – quite beautiful, although it’s always sad to say goodbye to the old one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, you are right! Your Leonard Zakim Bridge does look a lot like the design for our new one. It must be the new trend and they do look rather futuristic compared to our old one. I am very fortunate to have my daughter living just across town from me and to be able to do things together. It was certainly a mother/daughter bonding as we were both afraid and both celebrated our triumph. Thank you so much to taking time to comment. As always, all the best to you!


  9. You know you are old when they start tearing down buildings and bridges that you can remember being built because they have grown old and are no longer sufficient. First of all the Astrodome….I remember it being built and driving by it the first time and being so astounded…..a really amazing building for a little Freer girl who thought the two story Baptist Church was huge. Now it is the Harbor Bridge. I remember when there was no bridge and the Ferry was the only choice. The Bridge was built in 1956 so you and I were about 11 years old. Again….driving across it was astounding….though secretly I yearned for the Ferry….it was much more fun to ride the Ferry than drive over a bridge when you are 11 years old and live in the Brush Country. Thinking about it….I suppose it is appropriate….we all live past our peak and sink into the status of being old, dilapidated, and somewhat unsafe. However, perhaps, just perhaps….there are some, like me as an eleven year old little girl, who will long for us old people once we are gone and perhaps feel we were a little more fun than the new and young. Ya think?

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  10. Well done on making it across the bridge and back again. I’m just glad you weren’t trying to cross the old Bascule Bridge in the postcard. In those days, if a ship happened by, the walking suddenly turned into mountaineering! 🙂


  11. Great photos and a great story. Every city is replacing bridges. San Francisco built a new Bay Bridge and and it is interesting to watch them take the old bridge down. They are still doing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I am grateful for the funding that has come through for this one as it has had many repairs over the years. I hope to get back to San Francisco – bridges seem to connect it. It will be an experience to see the new one built and the old one taken down…if I am fortunate enough. Thank you so much for your contribution and choosing to follow my humble blog.


    • You are right but I never thought of it that way! It took us about an hour and was about three miles. If we had been brave enough to look down, we would have seen so much. It was rather like a hike and there were so many others enjoying being outside. Thanks for stopping by to give me another view!


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